Christoph Habersatter
Game and Software Engineering
Game and VR Projects

Quanero – The Relativity of Time

Key facts: Unreal Project, Virtual Reality, HTC Vive, C++/Blueprints, free on Steam

As part of the bachelor’s program at the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg, we have developed the experimental VR Experience Quanero. A scene in a futuristic Diner, where a huge explosion happens and the audience has to find out which of the many Guests are responsible for the incident. The audience has the opportunity to move freely in the VR-scene and can manipulate the time to get to the bottom of the facts. The project was a great success and the new approach to storytelling got a lot of support.

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My workspace:

  • Programming with Pablo Angerer in Blueprint / C++
  • Work with a great team together of sound, graphic and animation artists
  • Working with VR Devices like HTC Vive & Oculus Rift
  • Using Unreal Engine 4


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Over 100.000 downloads

Evil Forces, an (In-official) German Fallout 3 Add-On

Key facts: Additional Story / Landscape, Level Design, Professional dialogs, Intern Script-Language

Evil Forces is an non-commercial community project, which was leaded by me. We had 3-core members which worked on this title on our own interest. A huge characteristic of this project, is the voice synchronisation of all dialogs in this add-on, with over 26 German speakers. In this add-on, the player can explore a completely new country with an exciting quest and much more features...

My workspace:

  • Coordinating the whole team.
  • Scripting all game logic elements, events or additional necessary parts.
  • Level design, over 45 levels of content plus an large landscape.
  • Writing of all Dialogs and planned out Quest design.
  • Handle of engine / game relevant parts, manually created LOD, more.
  • Marketing, community interaction, etc.




Key facts: Dungeon Crawler, RPG, C++, Cinder


  • Visit exciting levels.
  • Implemented Level-Scaling System.
  • Community can easly create and implement maps with Tiled.
  • Upgrade your character with ressources and gold.

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Key facts: One man project, C#, 2D, Monogame, Pathfinding algorithm

Battlepirate is a top-down 2D game, where the player navigates a pirate ship. The goal is to survive as long as you can, against the enemy ships. Short reaction and tactical navigation is essential to survive on the sea.

Technical Features:

  • AI - Own implemented Breadth-Width-Search algorithm.
  • Random generated tile based world.

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Key facts: OpenGL, C++, 3D, Multiplayer, Fighting game, Additional Split screen

In Patagonicus you play an penguin with the goal to hit another penguin with your huge hammer. It is possible to take cover behind stalagmites, but take care, you can fall down from your ice floe. The game ends when that happened, or a penguin hit another one. This is a computer graphic project which was developed by me and Denis Brzakovic.

Technical Features:

  • Collision Detection.
  • Rendering with OpenGL 3D Scenes.

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